Maria de Alvear World Edition has just published the book Eduardo Polonio - Del serialismo al multimedia, a tribute to this composer for his eightieth birthday and his nearly sixty years of compositional work.
The book, beautifully edited and profusely illustrated, shows in its 196 pages a panoramic view of his work, from the first instrumental works of the sixties, in conventional or non-conventional notation, through the chapter on composition processes, installations and multimedia actions, electroacoustic operas, discography, as well as his activities as a cultural manager. The text is bilingual (Spanish and English).
The introduction, in the form of biographies, has been written by prominent composers of the Spanish music scene, with texts by Miguel Álvarez Fernández, José Manuel Berenguer, José Iges, Adolfo Núñez and Edson Zampronha.
The book is accompanied by a CD that collects the most recent works (2015-2021) and that is, in a way, the continuation or update of his Edición Antológica (1969-2014) that contains a total of 48 electroacoustic works (about 10 hours long) covering a period of 45 years.



Polonio Altaba Cervera Tres

Barcelona Documents Musicals/ La Olla Expréss, LOECD030 (2019)

[The first chalenge, Uno-X-Dos, Una ocasión para cruzar la línea, Los finales de la 'falaise', Alibi, Duetto-Time-Rag, En la tierra, Cosmic Pig, Santo Domingo, 'L', Chaheb]



1 + 1 = 1 / música imaginada; EP16/1 (2016)

Brief fast ambrosia; La metáfora del tiempo; ¿Qué hacen todos estos girasoles mirando hacia Japón;

Transparencias 7:11; El objeto encontrado

DVD; Images: Santiago Torralba

Sponsored by Fundación SGAE



Anthological edition 1969-2014

2 DVD; Ars Harmonica AH 236 (2014)

DVD 1 (biography) contains a biographical account filmed by Javier A. Bedrina.

DVD 2 (anthological edition) contains a selection of 48 electroacoustic works composed between 1969 and 2014. The total length is 9 hours 54 minutes and 37 seconds. You can listen to it on any DVD or Blue-ray player, or on a computer.



Biographical Documentary filmed byJavier Bedrina ENTER


Ars Sonora I (09.01.2021) ENTRAR

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