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Alteraciones 28.10.1989 - Light & Music show with sculptures and illumination byToni Rueda.

Uno es el cubo · Fantasía kepleriana en cinco sólidos perfectos, 23.9.1995 - Electroacoustic opera with libretto by Eduardo Polonio based on texts by Kepler, Plato, Newton. Pithagoras, Copernico, Jamblico, Estobeo & Ptolomeo.

Dulce Mal - Opera from 1999.


Oder Valuta (1985); A show of action and multi-projections in collaboration with Rafael Santamaria.
Música Imaginada - 16.6.1996; Video and slideshows by Santiago Torralba.
Espai Visual-Espai Sonor - Sala KGB, Barcelona, 30.6.1986 - Video with Carles Pujol.